Green Typewriter


I'm the girl who loved writing essays in school.  The one who sees drafting emails as an art form.  I'm the friend who can always find the perfect word for a tricky text message, the girl whose number one love language is words of affirmation.  I live and work in the cool, pine-forested mountains of Arizona (yes, they exist!) with my husband, Austin.  I listen to podcasts like it's a paying job, and I'll have the windows open any time the sun comes out and the temperatures top the mid 40's.  Long one-on-one conversations are my life-force, so if you think I'm the gal you want on board for your project, let's meet for coffee or set up a phone date.  I'd love to hear what you're all about - what makes your heart swell and your soul wake up a little.  I promise: no matter what venture you've got in the works, if your content showcases what lights you up, that spark is sure-as-heck going to spread.  The better I know your heart the better I can help make that flame spread like - well, wildfire.