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About Page for Fashion Designer Hannah Mae Levy

An insatiable adventurer, Hannah Mae Levy has traveled the world, from Sri Lanka, to Senegal, and 30+ countries around the globe.


While living in her van for a year, surfing the coast of Australia, Hannah began making jewelry inspired by her adventures. It was there, living in the back of a van, that she realized she never wanted a life of mundane routine — as the artist behind HML, she could live a life of wild adventure, all while inspiring that same magic in others.


Committed to ethical sourcing, she spent weeks riding around Indonesia on a moped, popping into every fabric shop, tailor, and dress shop until she met her dream team; a family in Bali who now partners with Hannah to create HML Swim. In India, HML jackets are handcrafted of premium lambskin leather and vintage banjara fabric, all curated by two young brothers in New Delhi.


More than just thoughtfully designed fashion, Hannah’s pieces are her art form, each one-of a kind and designed to inspire the wearer towards adventure, freedom, and magic.

Instagram Caption for Business Coach

Emily Fuller

Do you know the real reason your business isn’t growing? Because I do.


And I can tell you that it isn’t your Instagram strategy. It’s not the time of day you post, or whether or not you’re making reels. It’s not that your ideal client isn’t specific enough, or that your graphics are the wrong color. It sure as heck isn’t because you’re using hashtags wrong.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing everything “right.” You can strategize your butt off, but the bottom line is that the real reason you’re not growing is this:


You are operating from a scarcity mindset.


  • Scarcity of time

  • Scarcity of clients

  • Scarcity of money

  • Scarcity of resources


Think about it: do you ever feel like you’re just scrambling through an endless list of strategies and business “rules,” chasing desperately after the next client, the next paycheck? Not only is it ineffective and stressful, but it’s actually changing your own definition of yourself.


Yep. By fostering this scarcity mentality, you’ve started subconsciously believing that you are the kind of person who always needs more. You can’t be the kind of person who has more than enough. So you subconsciously push away growth opportunities because they don’t match the version of yourself you’ve created in your mind.


The good news? You are in control here. You can CHOOSE to to identify yourself NOW as someone who already has everything she needs. When you choose gratitude for what you have, you remove the blinders that are keeping you from growth, and allow yourself to grow into the person who already has enough. And people who have enough don’t subconsciously push away clients and opportunities.


It really is that simple! But I get it -- it doesn’t feel simple. That’s why I created Passion to Profit. Because breaking out of your own self-imposed obstacles is literally life-changing, and I want to help you do it.


If you’re ready to break free of the barriers holding you back, you can apply for Passion to Profit through the link in my bio! I’d love to help you identify your specific mental blocks and set your business free to thrive.

Package Insert for Fashion Designer

Hannah Mae Levy

I’ve been there, in the waves -- the cool water on my skin, the living pulse against the board beneath my feet. You’ve felt it too; how the waves crash around you, the visceral euphoria, the swell of adrenaline that nothing else can quite match. Nothing should interfere with that moment -- especially not swimwear that won’t stay on! My wish is that this piece leaves you free to get lost in the power of the wave, free to trust that your swimwear won’t budge. All while looking and feeling just as beautiful and powerful as you are.


With love,

Hannah Mae